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We know about the challenges that industrial lighting brings. That’s because industrial lighting is the mainstay of our business and has been since 2002.

Retail Lighting

Warehouse Lighting

Sports Hall Lighting

Assembly Line Lighting

ProcureLED offers various types of luminaires for individual industrial lighting. From trunking systems, high bay luminaires up to damp proof luminaires.

All lights guarantee to cut energy costs by up to 85% when upgrading a conventional lighting solution to LED and use of light management.

Our all products have flexibility, efficiency and are simple to install. Whether you need lighting for manufacturing, warehousing or workbenches the ProcureLED industrial lighting luminaires are perfect for every scope.

In order for your company to reach its sustainability goals, we focus our product development on maximising energy efficiency and also making the luminaries easy to install to minimise disruption.

Our solutions for lighting applications makes your workplace a safer environment in which to work and reduce the risk of work-related injuries whilst increasing productivity.

They are carefully designed for the exact task at hand from cold, refrigerated environments to busy production lines and warehousing.


Production areas and assembly lines
Manufacturing halls
Highbay storage
Ancillary and traffic areas in industry
Warehouse and logistics areas
Logistics centres / warehouses
Food industry
Sports halls
Trade and commerce
DIY stores and garden centres
Ancillary rooms in shopping applications

Based on our extensive industrial lighting knowledge, our industrial lighting specialists combine innovative products into customised solutions to meet your specific requirements.

We offer maximum energy savings, reduced environmental impact, employee safety, well-being and productivity, all backed by our world leading industry guarantees.

Our products and solutions along with our tailored industrial lighting rental plans and own in-house installation teams makes saving money and the environment quick and simple.

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