Pheobus LED


Office, Schools, Hosptials

High Efficiency, up to 114lm/W

Dimming/Emergency Available

5 Year Warranty

Pheobus is a recessed LED aesthetic alternative to the usual standard LED panel. Available in 3 different wattage variants, this modern luminaire is ideal for schools, offices and hospitals.

Technical Data
IP Class IP20
IK Class IKO2
Operating temperature range 0°C to + 35°C
LED lifetime, h 100000/L80B50
Connections Push-in terminal, 3x2x2.5mm2
Key Features
Material Sheet steel, white finish
Diffuser Opal polycarbonate film, UV stable
Light Source LED
Guarantee 5 Years
Certifications CE
Compliance RoHS
EEC Rating A++

Product Partcode Power (W) Colour Temp (K) Luminous Flux (lm) Luminaire Efficacy (lm/W)

Pheobus LED 25W 3000K
PBUS253066STD 25 3000 2746 108

Pheobus LED 25W 4000K
PBUS254066STD 25 4000 2895 114

Pheobus LED 33W 3000K
PBUS333066STD 33 3000 3471 105

Pheobus LED 33W 4000K
PBUS334066STD 33 4000 3658 111

Pheobus LED 38W 3000K
PBUS383066STD 38 3000 3980 104

Pheobus LED 38W 4000K
PBUS384066STD 38 4000 4194 109

*Dimming and Emergency options available, please enquire